The Mekong Performing Arts Laboratory ’07

MekongPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketExplore the potency of the arts for social advocacy…

Create, share new bodies of work…

 The Philippine Educational Theater Association and Phare Ponleu Selpak, and with the support of the Rockefeller Foundation, present The Mekong Performing Arts Lab 2007, a three-week intensive training course using theater and performing arts for advocacy on gender, sexuality and HIV/AIDS designed for the performing artists of the Greater Mekong Sub-Region.

This year, the Festival happens November 25 to December 16, 2007 at Battambang, Cambodia.

Event happenings…

November 25, 4pm – Opening Parade & Celebration of Loy Pratip (International Day Against Violence Against Women) at the Veal Preah Meruh Park, Phnom Penh

December 14, 7pm – Performance Recital at the Phare Ponleu Selpak, Battambang (Anh Chanh Village, O Cha Commune)


The Greater Mekong Sub-Region remains the epicenter of HIV/AIDS in Asia since the plague was well established across the region in the late 1990s.  It has an estimate of over 2 million people living with the virus, with a 15% increase of infection in 2004-2006.  With this scourge, approximately 29% of infected individuals within the region are adult women, excluding the many cases that have been discovered among the young ones.  Despite the virus’ different stages and dynamics of development, significant increases in proportion of infection among women have become a common thread throughout the region.  Women are contracting the virus at a faster rate than men.  Gender and sexuality constructs contribute significantly to this vulnerablity of women to HIV/AIDS.  Inequality in gender manifests in culture-specific sexual norms and behaviors that translate into gender-power dynamics in sexual relationships.  Such complexities require a multi-disciplinary approach.  These must be fought in all arenas of battle, including the artistic spaces of the Mekong Sub-Region’s creative communities.

 Vibrant and diverse, the creative arts communities in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region have spanned centuries of exchange across countries and cultures.  This, in effect, gave birth to a great diversity of artistic expressions and performing arts traditions, uniquely woven into the very fabric of each culture.

The arts community has always played an important role in epitomizing Mekong societies and serving as catalysts of change.  Many have used arts as an alternative to people’s education and development in the face of the various threats to human security such as HIV/AIDS.

Within this milieu, PETA organizes the 3rd Mekong Performing Arts Laboratory.  PETA, through its Mekong Partnership Project, commits itself to providing avenues for the arts communities in the sub-region to gather together, hone skills, share and create new bodies of work while exploring the potency of the arts for acvocacy on gender, sexuality and HIV/AIDS.


Kabataan Crossing: A generation en route to a new path of meaningful expression

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThis year’s Dula-Daluyan is titled such… It also briefly describes the thrust of the year’s celebration.

As written in a previous post, the Dula-daluyan festival will feature several activities from conferences and fora, to art workshops and performances, to bazaars and a mini-concert.

Our Festival Events

JumpsART: Artsy, Ready & Go!
/Parade & Opening Program/
Turn the key and step on the gas as we open the festival with a celebration on the street! Watch street performances and join us as we literally paint the concrete with our colors of expression. So what are you waiting for? Don’t just stand and watch on the sidewalk… Step up with us on the road!

Pedestrian Lane
The crossroad of views and ideas: a venue where young people, by age and by heart, can discuss different ways and uses of artistic expression.

ARTstruction Area
/Art Workshops/
Watch the sign, slow down and take part in the construction. This is where we prepare for the smoother drive: rev up the engine and pimp up your style in these workshops exploring the possibilities of expression using the body, the voice, and the mind. Shine the steel and learn the wheels as we construct, reconstruct, re and create. Let’s start the vehicle upgrade!

Drive-Thru ng Sining
What you see beyond the windshield and windows: the image of the world as the youth sees it and an image of the youth for the world to see. Pictures, posters, AVPs and even listening booths that will tell you the story of participating groups’ history, processes, works, views, ideas and dreams. Don’t forget to drive by.

/Art Mart/
One-stop art shops that display product created by the young people for the young people. From paintings to accessories, books to music CDs, even bargain clothes, fashion art, coffee and pasta, it’s all there!

/Main Performances/
Turn your headlights on for the main performances featured for this year’s festival, highlighting the artistic expression of this generation of young people!

/Front Acts/
Partake in free artistic expression! A venue will open for different theatrical, musical, movement and visual performances that anyone from anywhere wants to showcase.

No Dead Ends!
/Closing Ceremonies/
The festival comes to a close but the journey towards meaningful youth expression does not! So before we go on to our separate roads, don’t miss the final stopover shindig to prep us for the longer drive ahead!

Below is the schedule of activities:

December7 December 8 December 9
Morning Opening Parade and Program
Youth Forum
Opening of Art Mart & Exhibit
Theater Performances
Art Workshop
Theater Performance
Art Workshop
Afternoon Main Performance
Art Workshop
Theater Performances
Art Workshop
Art Workshop
Front Acts
Closing Program
Evening Theater Performances Theater Performance Live Band Concert

We are open for participation as well as sponsorship! All kinds of help are welcome so we can make this festival more successful! Call us for more details – 4100821, 7256244 or mobile numbers 0918-9068083 or 0927-7911139.  Email us at or

 See you at the festival!


As a final offering for its 40th Theater Season, PETA presents Vincent de Jesus’ SKIN-DEEP.

Doctor Beau Batoctol, an internationally famous Filipino cosmetic surgeon opens the world’s first one-stop beauty resort here in the Philippines – the SKIN-DEEP BEAUTY SANCTUARY!  And for its grand opening promo, seven lucky texters will win a chance to stay at Skin-Deep for a month and avail of all the beauty treatments, procedures and surgeries it has to offer – ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE!!

The Lucky Makeover Seven – an obese female call-center agent, a troubled married couple, a male model wannabe, a flamboyant florist, an abused housewife burned beyond recognition and the reigning Miss Artificial Beauty – go through different miracle procedures hoping to become more aesthetically acceptable to the cruel world outside.  Trouble arises inside the Sanctuary when the seven personalities collide – strong opinions clash, questions of self-worth being raised, dirty secrets revealed and ugly truths about themselves are exposed.  And the more they become “beautiful” on the outside, the more confused some of them become on the inside.

 A story of seven ordinary people and their frenzied search for beauty and happiness, Skin Deep uses a scalpel and cuts the surface to examine one’s need to be accepted by a seemingly superficial world where ‘packaging’ is more important than ‘character’.  From a simple tweaking of a nose to a complete body overhaul, they all soon discover that the pursuit of beauty is much more dangerous nonsense than the pursuit of happiness.

Directed by Nor Domingo with original music by Vince De Jesus, Skin-Deep takes centerstage on all weekends beginning February 1 to  March 15, 2008 with matinee and evening performances on Fridays and Saturdays and 10am and 3pm performances on Sundays.

Dula-Daluyan 2007

T.S. Eliot, in one of his essays, explains that the evolution of tradition is dependent on what is being produced at present in respect to what has been produced in the past. One must be able to understand and take into consideration the previous occupation of artistic production that has come to be known as tradition. With this in mind, one will be able to come up with works that are relevant and meaningful enough to eventually be considered part of the growing tradition of arts and culture. It is in this light that the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) moves forward with this year’s DULA-DALUYAN Youth Theater Festival, focusing its energies in steering the upcoming generation of young people towards the path of creativity and artistry, developing this generation’s expressions that will eventually emerge as significant in the expansion of our rich tradition of arts and culture.

The time has come to create a new path. With theater and the arts as the vehicle that will drive through the many roads of human creativity and expression, we speed forward in this journey of a tradition that is not only developed aesthetically but is also enriched with meaning and values important in the development of the young people and of the society as a whole.

The PETA Youth Arm takes on the steering wheel, taking the festival on a joyride of learning and experience. Each and everyone’s craft undergoes a process of polishing and revving up as we parade and showcase our vehicles of expression in this 3-day long drive. We take on the expression of the streets as it is time to take the expression of the youth out of its classrooms and homes, and onto to streets where everyone can see and appreciate what is there to be offered. It’s going to be a new and different path, driving not only forward but taking U-turns as well to recall and recognize the tradition of the past and provide an ample jumpstart for the long journey. The festival aims to guide the youth in making the right turns, understanding the flow and counterflow of issues such as gender, rights & participation, identity, family, relationships, etc.

Join us as we take this generation of youth forward. Create new paths with us and add more fun and excitement to this joyride. Keep in mind that it is not about getting there first, but knowing that a smooth drive with everyone safe in the backseat can be as good as flying.

Dula-Daluyan 2007 takes place on December 7 to 9, 2007 at the PETA Theater Center, #5 Eymard Drive, New Manila, Quezon City.

Kumusta, mga anak ng sining!!!

Salamat sa pagbisita niyo sa weblog ng PHILIPPINE EDUCATIONAL THEATER ASSOCIATION! Tuklasin ang mundo ng teatro! Pasyalan niyo kami sa #5 Eymard Drive, New Manila, Quezon City. Ang PETA Theater Center ay nasa gawing likuran ng Quezon City Sports Club. Magkita-kita tayo!!!