Dula-Daluyan 2007

T.S. Eliot, in one of his essays, explains that the evolution of tradition is dependent on what is being produced at present in respect to what has been produced in the past. One must be able to understand and take into consideration the previous occupation of artistic production that has come to be known as tradition. With this in mind, one will be able to come up with works that are relevant and meaningful enough to eventually be considered part of the growing tradition of arts and culture. It is in this light that the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) moves forward with this year’s DULA-DALUYAN Youth Theater Festival, focusing its energies in steering the upcoming generation of young people towards the path of creativity and artistry, developing this generation’s expressions that will eventually emerge as significant in the expansion of our rich tradition of arts and culture.

The time has come to create a new path. With theater and the arts as the vehicle that will drive through the many roads of human creativity and expression, we speed forward in this journey of a tradition that is not only developed aesthetically but is also enriched with meaning and values important in the development of the young people and of the society as a whole.

The PETA Youth Arm takes on the steering wheel, taking the festival on a joyride of learning and experience. Each and everyone’s craft undergoes a process of polishing and revving up as we parade and showcase our vehicles of expression in this 3-day long drive. We take on the expression of the streets as it is time to take the expression of the youth out of its classrooms and homes, and onto to streets where everyone can see and appreciate what is there to be offered. It’s going to be a new and different path, driving not only forward but taking U-turns as well to recall and recognize the tradition of the past and provide an ample jumpstart for the long journey. The festival aims to guide the youth in making the right turns, understanding the flow and counterflow of issues such as gender, rights & participation, identity, family, relationships, etc.

Join us as we take this generation of youth forward. Create new paths with us and add more fun and excitement to this joyride. Keep in mind that it is not about getting there first, but knowing that a smooth drive with everyone safe in the backseat can be as good as flying.

Dula-Daluyan 2007 takes place on December 7 to 9, 2007 at the PETA Theater Center, #5 Eymard Drive, New Manila, Quezon City.



  1. I hope you have a lot of participation in this event. The youth have a lot of energy for art that should be harnessed for positive social change. More power!

  2. Kamusta?

    Mabuhay ang PETA 🙂 Ipagpatuloy ninyo ang paglinang sa kakayahan ng kabataan sa sining.

  3. wow PETA!!!!
    the best toh!!
    i never imagined that i can perform or we can perform here during the
    dula daluyan event..gosh it’s so fabuluos!
    inside it? well it’s very clean and all things are organized i like the performance hall where
    we performed even its stage is not that big i feel comfortable with it the seats are soft din!
    til’ here and see you soon PETA!!! we love you..^^

  4. dito sa dalampasigan ang puso..nananana..

    oh PETA?..my first time in PETA was in december 5, we went there for the
    screening of our play i mean performance for the dula daluyan 2007
    we performed (the final one) on december 9 afternoon we were the 4th performer
    we performed BRING ME TO LIFE and WE ARE THE REASON by gary valenciano

    then i met kuya eric dela cruz who is very handsome hope to see him again and i hope to
    be part of PETA

    i’m dreaming of it right now its great to be part of it..^^

    by:jessica balayo of salvador araneta memorial institute (SAMI)
    2nd yr student
    a memeber of SAMING DULAAN association..^^

  5. hmmm…
    d best tlagaang mga kabataan ngayon na
    nagkakaroon pa rin ng partisipasyon sa mga
    events na ganito..

    ok na ok..

    sana maging member in ako ng PETA-MTTL


    December 5 …

    araw na aking itatatak sa aking isip..
    habang ako’y nabubuhay..

    nagsama ang mga kabataang may mga aking talento
    at may pagpapahalaga sa tunay ng kahulugan ng
    sallitang SINING!!

    madaming grupo ang naroon…

    at ciempre pa andun ang nagiisang..

    SAMING DULAAN!!na aking kinabibilangan…

    at ako bilang direktor na samahan na’to!!

    haayy..how i wish..

    makapunta muli ako sa lugar na ito!!

    (4th year student)

    a proud member of SAMING DULAAN…

  6. december 5…1st tym qng nkapunta ng peta….
    december 7…nag-parade qme…d2 qoh nameet ang 1ng taong BINIGYAN lahat ng KAGWAPUHAN…si kua ERIC DELA CRUZ…=’)
    december 9…nag perform ang SAMING DULAAN ng we are the reason & bring me to life sa peta… happy aqo kc nakatuntong aqo sa peta…para samin mlaking karangalan ang mkapag plabas sa inyong teatro…sna mkpunta ult qme jan…sna mkta qoh ult si kua eric..
    gudluck po sa inyo…
    peta….da’best kau!!!! luv u all…

    by:rhev rebutar of SAMI
    (graduated in SAMI)
    a member of SAMING DULAAN….

  7. hello po,

    waah mag dedecember nanaman,
    hm.. grabeh di ko malilimutan ang Peta Dula-Daluyan07 grabeh
    ang saya-saya ng mga workshops at isa pa di malilimutan ang pag peperform namin
    “Sible sining ng binhi ng lahi”
    weepee sana po meron ulit ngayong dec..
    ang saya saya grabeh unforgettable
    Sa peta theater sobrang saya
    pag nandito ka mararamdaman mo na para kana nilang kapamilya graneh
    sana po meron ulit
    ingat po sa lahat ng mga taga peta theater at mga peta-mttl
    theater is my passion
    and i love peta theater

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