Kabataan Crossing: A generation en route to a new path of meaningful expression

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThis year’s Dula-Daluyan is titled such… It also briefly describes the thrust of the year’s celebration.

As written in a previous post, the Dula-daluyan festival will feature several activities from conferences and fora, to art workshops and performances, to bazaars and a mini-concert.

Our Festival Events

JumpsART: Artsy, Ready & Go!
/Parade & Opening Program/
Turn the key and step on the gas as we open the festival with a celebration on the street! Watch street performances and join us as we literally paint the concrete with our colors of expression. So what are you waiting for? Don’t just stand and watch on the sidewalk… Step up with us on the road!

Pedestrian Lane
The crossroad of views and ideas: a venue where young people, by age and by heart, can discuss different ways and uses of artistic expression.

ARTstruction Area
/Art Workshops/
Watch the sign, slow down and take part in the construction. This is where we prepare for the smoother drive: rev up the engine and pimp up your style in these workshops exploring the possibilities of expression using the body, the voice, and the mind. Shine the steel and learn the wheels as we construct, reconstruct, re and create. Let’s start the vehicle upgrade!

Drive-Thru ng Sining
What you see beyond the windshield and windows: the image of the world as the youth sees it and an image of the youth for the world to see. Pictures, posters, AVPs and even listening booths that will tell you the story of participating groups’ history, processes, works, views, ideas and dreams. Don’t forget to drive by.

/Art Mart/
One-stop art shops that display product created by the young people for the young people. From paintings to accessories, books to music CDs, even bargain clothes, fashion art, coffee and pasta, it’s all there!

/Main Performances/
Turn your headlights on for the main performances featured for this year’s festival, highlighting the artistic expression of this generation of young people!

/Front Acts/
Partake in free artistic expression! A venue will open for different theatrical, musical, movement and visual performances that anyone from anywhere wants to showcase.

No Dead Ends!
/Closing Ceremonies/
The festival comes to a close but the journey towards meaningful youth expression does not! So before we go on to our separate roads, don’t miss the final stopover shindig to prep us for the longer drive ahead!

Below is the schedule of activities:

December7 December 8 December 9
Morning Opening Parade and Program
Youth Forum
Opening of Art Mart & Exhibit
Theater Performances
Art Workshop
Theater Performance
Art Workshop
Afternoon Main Performance
Art Workshop
Theater Performances
Art Workshop
Art Workshop
Front Acts
Closing Program
Evening Theater Performances Theater Performance Live Band Concert

We are open for participation as well as sponsorship! All kinds of help are welcome so we can make this festival more successful! Call us for more details – 4100821, 7256244 or mobile numbers 0918-9068083 or 0927-7911139.  Email us at petampro@yahoo.com or quengreyles@yahoo.com.

 See you at the festival!



  1. ang saya saya nang dula-daluyan07 unforgettable kaya ngayon sa summer workshop naman ako..

  2. i was a participant of dula-daluyan 2007 and it was a fun experience.^^

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