Theater – Behind the Scenes

 Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes  of a theater production?  

We invite you to bring your students to a tour that will take them backstage and on stage for a complete theater experience!

stage-3b.jpgroofdeck-6.jpgclassroom-2a.jpgback-space-1a.jpgground-lobby-2.jpgstage-3b.jpgstage-3b.jpg This is a 2-hour visit of the various spaces inside the PETA THEATER CENTER where your students will also go through the basics of a performance through exciting, interactive processes:

  • Singing and Music Exploration at the Theater Lobby
  • Interaction with some of the cast from our previous plays as they visit the Lia Sciortino and O’ong Maryono Resource Center
  • Basic Movement exercises with our artist-teacher at  the Roofdeck
  • Dramatic improvisations in the Classrooms
  • Costume and Props exploration at the BACKSTAGE and the DRESSING ROOMS.

And finally…

  • How all elements of  production – LIGHTS, SOUND, PRODUCTION DESIGN – contribute to a theatrical performance as YOUR STUDENTS PERFORM their short showcase pieces from the CREATIVE DRAMA session on the STAGE of the TANGHALANG PETA- PHINMA.

THE THEATER CENTER WORKSHOP TOUR is a fun, memorable experience that will surely entice them to explore the world of arts! The workshops are customized according to the age range of participants. Only P 150.00 per student, with a minimum of 50 participants. Available all year round! Experience Theater.  Experience PETA. Visit or call us now for reservations! PETA Marketing and Public Relations OfficePETA THEATE CENTERNo. 5 Eymard Drive, New Manila, Quezon City Tel. Nos. (02) 4100821, 0918-9068083


The 2008 PETA Summer Theater Arts Workshop


Skin-Deep: February feature at the PETA-Phinma Theater

isayrobert1.jpgVincent A. de Jesus’ SKIN-DEEP headlines this year’s offerings at the PETA Theater Center.

Doctor Beau Batoctol, an internationally famous Filipino cosmetic surgeon opens the world’s first one-stop beauty resort here in the Philippines – the SKIN-DEEP BEAUTY SANCTUARY! And for its grand opening promo, seven lucky texters will win a chance to stay at Skin-Deep for a month and avail of all the beauty treatments, procedures and surgeries it has to offer – ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE!! The Lucky Makeover Seven – an obese female call-center agent, a troubled married couple, a male model wannabe, a flamboyant florist, an abused housewife burned beyond recognition and the reigning Miss Artificial Beauty – go through different miracle procedures hoping to become more aesthetically acceptable to the cruel world outside. Trouble arises inside the Sanctuary when the seven personalities collide – strong opinions clash, questions of self-worth being raised, dirty secrets revealed and ugly truths about themselves are exposed. And the more they become “beautiful” on the outside, the more confused some of them become on the inside.

A story of seven ordinary people and their frenzied search for beauty and happiness, Skin-Deep uses a scalpel and cuts the surface to examine one’s need to be accepted by a seemingly superficial world where ‘packaging’ is more important than ‘character’. From a simple tweaking of a nose to a complete body overhaul, they all soon discover that the pursuit of beauty is much more dangerous nonsense than the pursuit of happiness.

Directed by Nor Domingo with music by Lucien Letaba, Skin-Deep features some of today’s most admired theater actors – Melvin Lee, Rem Zamora, Robert Seña, Eric Bisa, Isay Alvarez, May Bayot-de Castro, Bituin Escalante, Gail Guanlao-Billones, Mary Ann Espinosa, Phil Noble, Al Gatmaitan, Red Anderson, Glecy Atienza, Diana Malahay, Onyl Torres, Joseph Grantusa, Delphine Buencamino, Neomi Tabanao-Gonzales, Joan Bugcat, Eric dela Cruz, and Giu Comia.

Musical Arrangement by Melvin Corpin, Production design by Leo Abaya, Lighting Design by Jonjon Villareal, Costume by Kalila Aguilos and Choreography by Christine Crame-Santillan.  Photography and poster design by Jojit Lorenzo.

Performances happen on all weekends beginning February 1 to March 9, 2008 with matinee and evening performances on Fridays and 10am and 3pm performances on Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets are at PhP300.00.  Schedules, however, are subject to change without prior notice.

For ticket reservations and inquiries, please contact the PETA Marketing and Public Relations Office at 4100821 or 7256244, mobile numbers 0917-8154567 or 0918-9068083, or email or