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  1. Hi! how much is the rent for the studios for 8 hours? please email me at for details. thank you.

  2. hello alice! did you get our email? hope you can give us a call soon so we can make the necessary reservations for you.

    hope to see you at the theater center! 🙂

  3. hi how much is the rent?? my daughters turning 7 this may im looking for a place where she can clebrate her birthday… pls send me details tnx.

  4. greetings kArEn! rental rate for the PLDT-Smart multi-purpose hall is P1,200 per hour, inclusive of the use of airconditioning. should you need the ground floor lobby, the additional rent is P1,200 per hour with airconditioning.

    feel free to drop by anytime so you can see the place for yourself.

    hope to see you soon.

  5. I saw it now! thanks! 🙂

  6. Do you have a bigger picture of the Multi-Purpose hall? I can’t identify which is the hall… hehe.. Tnx, I’m just curious of the place we are going to have our workshop… 🙂

  7. Hi there!

    We are looking for a venue for our upcoming seminar and training this June or July 08′. Would send us a quotation or an overview of payments and terms. We would appreciate it if you can send TODAY via email so we can discuss the details tonight in our meeting.



  8. hi! po im lance ask ko lang po kung magkano po rent, kc we plan na dyan po gwin yung aming image model search finals night, maari po bang as donation po or talagang maycharge po for rent, hindi po kaya may kamahalan. Thanks – Lance

  9. Hi,

    I’m looking for a venue for my niece’s birthday. Can you send me the rates of the PLDT-Smart multi-purpose hall via email and it’s availability for July 26. Do you have accredited caterer’s or can we bring our own caterer. Please advise if there’s corkage fee’s. Thanks.

  10. Hi! Who should I call/contact to make the necessary reservations for the PETA theatre center? I’m planning to schedule an ocular with you guys within this week, because I’m really really curious to find out more about the place. Can I discuss the particulars regarding the event I’m helping to organize with you guys through e-mail? Feel free to get back to me at

    Casper O

  11. hi! I am currently looking for a venue for our dance recital. How much is the rental for the PETA-PHINMA Theater?

  12. hi! i would like to ask how much is the rental of the peta-phinma theater, as well as the studio. i am currently searching for possible places where i can hold my dance thesis. thank you very much!

    • Hi Marian, can you please call us at 4100821 or contact Kamill Zaplan (09178044428). Depends on the availability of the studio eh and depending on how many hours you are using it =)

  13. Good evening! How many people can the venue accommodate?The Lights and sounds included?I’m very much interested to know that I may propose your venue for our upcoming events in the college. you can e-mail me the details on your free time at – Fernando Academia

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