Noli at Fili Dekada 2000 (Dos Mil)


If Jose Rizal had written his two novels today, what issues would he have raised?  In modern society, who would Ibarra and Maria Clara be?  Who would be the equivalent of the villains Fray Salvi and Fray Damaso, and the characters of Elias, Pilosopong Tasio, Basilio, Isagani, and Padre Florentino?  Would his second novel end the way it did when he wrote El Fili in 1891?


The Philippine Educational Theater Association opens its 41st Theater Season this July with a new interpretation to Rizal’s classic works Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo with Nicanor Tiongson’s NOLI AT FILI DEKADA 2000 (Dos Mil).


Inspired by the national hero’s powerful critique of the “social cancer” festering in the very heart of late 19th century Filipinas, NOLI AT FILI DEKADA 2000 with humility and concern reflects on the “reign of greed” in contemporary Philippine society.  It seeks to underscore the continuing relevance of Rizal’s characters and the validity of his social analysis today.  But it also highlights the differences in the conditions of the 19th century and those of our time.


NOLI AT FILI DEKADA 2000 (DOS MIL) is set in the small town of Maypajo in the province of San Lorenzo in Southern Tagalog where an idealistic but naïve Ibarra Marasigan, newly-elected mayor, decides to put a final stop to the deforestation of the Sierra Madre.  He finds loyal support for this cause in Fr. Ino, parish priest of Maypajo, Mr. Atanacio, the principal of Maypajo High School, Kapitan Badong, the present chief of all barangay chairmen in Maypajo, and, most of all, Clarissa Santos, his childhood sweetheart and now fiancé.  However, as Mayor Ibarra makes more vigorous moves against deforestation, he uncovers the whole web of corruption which implicates his future father-in-law and godfather Governor Santiago Santos, Provincial Commander Colonel Salvador (Salvi) Salvatierra, and Monsignor Damaso, bishop of the newly-established diocese of San Lorenzo.  Mayor Ibarra is removed from office by “people power”, his fiancé is blackmailed into marrying Salvi, and his childhood friend Kumander Elias of the National Liberation Army (NLA) dies while covering Ibarra’s escape from prison.  Three years after, Ibarra has risen to the leadership of the NLA.  Now feared as Kumander Simon, he leads personal, punitive attacks against the individuals who caused his downfall as mayor of Maypajo.


Under the direction of theater and movie stalwart Soxie Topacio, this contemporization of these much-studied novels will feature some of the country’s seasoned stage artists as well as PETA’s pool of talented young actors and guest artists:  Lex Marcos, Bodjie Pascua, Bembol Roco, Robert Seña, Raffy Tejada, Ernie Cloma, Randy Villarama, Gilbert Onida, Upeng Galang-Fernandez, Marichu Belarmino, Jess Evardone, Julia Enriquez, Shé Maala, Ian Segarra, Norbs Portales, Jack Yabut, Neomi Tabanao-Gonzales, Eric dela Cruz and Joseph Grantusa.


Performances are slated at the PETA-Phinma Theater from July 18 to August 24, 2008, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays with shows at 10am and 3pm on all days.  Tickets at P300 each.


For inquiries and ticket reservations, call the PETA Marketing and Public Relations Office at 725.6244, 410.0821, 0917-8154567, 0917-5642433, or email  Noli at Fili Dekada 2000 (Dos Mil) is also open for sponsorship and showbuyers.  (


(Poster design by Brenda Fajardo, photo by Jojit Lorenzo)



  1. the play was really an inspirational one because of the characters who made our minda open to the “social cancer” that we Filipinos are facing now. They made us understand that greed is the problems of people that made our country suffers on different problems. As a student, they made me realize that having different problems in our country made every Filipino face every consequences.

  2. ganda talaga astig ng fight scenezzz hehhe…sana makanod ulit aq..

  3. ang gagaling naman…sana makapanuod ulit me

  4. The play is very beautiful, it made an impact to me, it awakens me. They show the things which is happening in our society which is the “social cancer”, and by being greed of the officials, and on how filipinos suffer from it. The story let us to be open and aware on what is happening. As the youth of today, it made me realize that no one should destroy our rights, and no one should not dictate us, because if we let it happen the one who will suffer is no one else but us, we should fight and stand for the right.

  5. napakaganda at s0brang inspirational ng play..
    nakakabagbag damdamin ang bawat eksena..
    bawat tauhan ay ngampanan ng maayos ng mga naturang
    aktor kung kaya’t mgnda ang kinalabasan..
    napakahalaga din ng pinupunto ng naturang play,
    2ngkol sa mga problema ng ating society..

    I shall congratulate peta for having us to watch
    this inspirational play.. It teach us lessons about
    the problems of our society.. If we want our country to
    developed, dont be selfish, each of us must love our country..
    if we do not take actions now, when??

  6. such a great play! payment for the admission is worth it!’s my first time to watch a play made by a renowned association..i am also a theater actor and i got inspired for what they showcased in the play..i wish that someday i can stand on that stage and perform with other actors..i really want to become a part of PETA when i grow up..Ü

  7. we’ve watched the play! the whole batch of 3rd year and 4th year students of st.bridget school:) what can we say?!! BRAVO!:)

  8. i have seen the play and it was really GREAT!
    the story made a mark on my mind on how NOLI&FILI novels really reflects in our society today,
    i hope i could watch more plays, something like this.^^

  9. whatah betiful play,,, hehe nag play sila sa nueva ecija..palayan city,, at exclusive sa mga taga sci high.. hehe galing ng mga actors and actresses… sulit ung bayad ^_~ lalo na dun sa scene ni ibarra & clarissa ,,haha ung nag kiss wahahaha,,,, sana mapanuod let ^^

  10. hakuna matata… what a wonderful phrase..hehe ala lang,,,gus2 ko lang let mag comment..cuz it’s great… ,,, marami kang ma222nan,,^^

  11. graveliciuz ah…Itz so supah bongga???Ayt???try to watch that supah extavagant ever ezkembularity, fabularity,movilicius, sardines,tuna,ham and bacon…Speechless ang lola moh….Mga bakla sa kanto…..hello….inuman na….ang cute ni ibarra…Superpapaliucius…amuah..

  12. our school watched dat play n itz so cool esp ibarra!!!ang WAfU!!sayang po d kmih pnayagan n magpapicture sa mga cast!!!hmp!

  13. !!!!!!!napanood ko po ang napagandang dula na noli at fili dekada dosmil.
    nakakarelate ako dahil sa halos tutuo ang lahat ng aking natunghayan.
    naisip ko hindi dapat maniwala sa lahat nng nasa tv kagaya nalang sa
    maraming salamat po dahil naimulat nyo ang aking mga mata
    salamat po
    alfie bautista 16y/o
    general tinio national high school

  14. im lovin this play!haha.i already watched it 3consecutive days straight.i already memorized some of their lines..bonggang!bongga talaga!.magagaling silang lahat.i swear!Godbless!=D

  15. nice play!!!
    i thought the play would be boring but i was wrong..
    the play was so amazing! it really impressed me!!

  16. wahh!
    super nice live show 2.
    gwapo ni ibarra at ganda ni clarissa.
    love them!

  17. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the play!
    Noli at Fili Dekada Dos Mil will be on tour next you may invite the production to present LIVE at your own school, community or province.

    For more information regarding the tour, you may call PETA Marketing at 410 0821/ 725 6244
    or simply leave your contact info at this blog.


  18. The Play was really amazing!!! Kahit ilang beses kaming manood, hinding – hindi kami magsasawa, Promise!!! The Characters we’re really good!!! Ang GWAPO ni Mayor at ni Colonel, bagay na bagay nila ang mga roles nila!! Pati sina Father at Basilio, gwapo rin at magaling!!! LAHAT CLA MAGAGALING AT MAGANDA/GWAPO!!! Grabe, Aztig!!! Congratz po sa mga Characters!!! GOD BLESS!!!

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