Nonon Padilla and Tony Perez Team Up for PETA’s Saan Ba Tayo Ihahatid Ng Disyembre?

PETA brings together two geniuses: Nonon Padilla and Tony Perez, to create a psychological drama masterpiece.
 nonon-padillaOktubre, Noong Tayo’y Nagmamahalan Pa’ and ‘Nobyembre, Noong Akala Ko’y Mahal Kita‘; a collaboration that introduced a new genre of thought-provoking plays–psychological drama’s that fascinate and tease the imagination.
Nonon Padilla and Tony Perez started out as young artists working closely with PETA. Nonon, as a noted artist and Founding Director of Tanghalang Pilipino and Tony as a writer and playwright.
Together, they individually produced plays that are raw and rich, unconventional and experimental, but grounded on fundamental themes such as love and friendship.
They have previously worked together for ‘On the North Diversion Road’, ‘

For the Philippine Educational Theater Association’s (PETA) 41st Theater Season, the two are back to perfect another work of genius.  Preparing their latest opus, the third piece of Tony Perez’s psychological trilogy: Saan Ba Tayo Ihahatid ng Disyembre?. A story about two friends, Lalaki (Julienne Mendoza, Jack Yabut), and Isa Pang Lalaki (Lex Marcos, Alfred Vargas) and their love affair with the same woman, Babae (Angeli Bayani), who is torn between her feelings for the two.
But Saan Ba Tayo Ihahatid ng Disyembre? cannot be easily dismissed as ‘just another love story‘. Aside from the three characters fighting over love—Tony Perez adds another character that creates another dimension to the piece: Isa Pang Babae (Alison Segarra), a clairvoyant young woman from the present who oversees the turn of events, as the three other characters get tangled in a complex web of episodes.
With emphasis on love, truth and sacrifice, Saan Ba Tayo Ihahatid ng Disyembre? is a bold and non-traditional production crafted by the country’s most daring writer and ingenious director, Tony Perez and Nonon Padilla. Something—that you sure don’t want to miss.

Saan Ba Tayo Ihahatid ng Disyembre is showing at the PETA Theater Center on February 6-8, 13-15, 20-22, 27-28; March 1, 6-8, 13-15, 2009 (Friday 2:30PM/ 7:30PM, Sat and Sun 10AM /3PM) . For inquiries call PETA Marketing at 410 0821 or 0917 8044428 or email



  1. i went to Peta theater yesterday, February 07, 2009 Saturday. I watched Saan ba tayo ihahatid ng Disyembre? I am a fan of the stage actor LEX MARCOS… there was an open forum after the show. We were asked to give comments, suggestions for the play to be in better condition if ever needed. We were also asked to give questions to the director and the cast. I wasn’t able to ask my question because it wasn’t connected to the play. I want to know if there is any way I’ll be on track about Lex Marcos’ next appearance? what would be his next plays? thank you.

  2. Wow! I was wowed by the performance especially the story! I wish I could watch the 2 first sequel… 😀 I wanted to watch again… I’m really into Philippine theatre and I really admire the art & passion of everyone in the industry! 😀 Thnks for a great show last Valentine’s day! Good Bless! 😀


  3. Well..Tony Perez’ Obra Maestra namely “Saan Ba Tayo Ihahatid Ng Disyembre?” surprise me alot.The play is something weird yet spectacular because of the twist happened at the middle end of the play.
    The actors were all good and made me realize about the theme..the play is kinda’ surreal..I love it!!^.^

  4. I just watch this show earlier. And I love it! They were all great. I like Lex Marcos 🙂 he’s so handsome, a great dancer 🙂 and a very good actor. I hope next time I could watch his shows.
    – jasmine of sti mrkna

  5. what is the name of the babae in the role of saan ba tayo ihahatid ng disyembre?
    urgent reply please

  6. LIFE IS ALL ABOUT CHOICES….you may be a normal person or with a person having complex mental disorder or schizophrenia, but all the same you are subject to make choices…that was the theme of the play – SAAN TAYO IHAHATID NG DISYEMBRE, which I watched courtesy of ISABELA GOVERNOR GRACE PADACA last March 8, 2009. The play was beautiful indeed.

  7. looking forward to the experience that is PETA.
    i’m going there tomorrow to watch “Saan Ba Tayo Ihahatid Ng Disyembre?”

  8. i would like to watch this play this you have any schedule for april?
    thank you so much

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